So You Want To Be A Voice Over Artist? New Masterclass Reveals The 15 Secrets Any Voice Over Artist Needs To Know To Get Booked Again...And Again!

In this easy-to-follow voice over masterclass with professional voice over artist Stephan Erdman you'll discover everything you need to know to nail your voice over session - and avoid the mistakes that can cost you future jobs!

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Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How To Prepare Your Script To Be Pitch Perfect

    Preparation is everything. Learn how to read your script, analyse it and make smart choices about HOW to deliver it.

  • How To Manage Yourself To Deliver The Goods Under Pressure

    Being a successful voice over artist is all about keeping it together under pressure. If you don’t know how to manage your state you will crumble. And you won’t get booked again.

  • How To Deliver What They Really Want - Every Time!

    Understanding your director and translating their notes into results is key to getting booked again. You’ll learn exactly how to take direction without ruining your read.

What's included? Everything You Need!

Hi, my name is Stephan Erdman. I am an actor and professional voice over artist. The Voice Over Masterclass is a recorded laid back 90 min session I had with a young aspiring voice over artist called Neal. He had been asking me to teach him everything he needed to nail his first voice over job. And so I did. Of course, we ended up with much more than that. It's raw and unedited and it's totally FILLED TO THE BRIM with all the essential tips you need if you want to start or develop your career as a voice over artist with an unfair advantage! It’s real, not staged in a hyper stiff studio… literally like listening in on a private masterclass where I give away ALL the biggest tricks of the trade that I’ve either learned the hard way on many jobs or that I was given by some of the greats in voice overs. So the content is AWESOME. We cover everything from:

  1. The essential do's and dont's that you simply MUST know
  2. Exactly how to approach different genres differently
  3. The secrets to preparing a script so you're ready to deliver
  4. How to handle the studio environment without being intimated
  5. How to make the director and sound engineer love you
  6. The deadly beginners sins that will get you fired or never rehired
  7. The trick to create a sexy voice that attracts the audience
  8. How to use the microphone to your advantage - rather than disadvantage
  9. How to use your body to deliver a captivating read
  10. How to create voice characteristics that distinguish you from anyone else
  11.  “Who” to talk to when you’re reading and why it matters
  12. How to read which type of commercials and nail them all
  13. The secrets of beautiful nature narration
  14. How to deliver children’s scripts and captivate your young audience
  15. How to ace corporate scripts with personality and poise

    …it’s all in there.

I even split it into 13 tracks so it’s easy to navitage. I’ve just uploaded it and you can get it already as an INSTANT MP3 DOWNLOAD. It will give you everything you really need to know to do a great professional voice over job when you first go into the studio. To Download My Unedited, No Frills “Raw” Voice Over Secrets Masterclass As A Collection of 13 mp3 tracks (totalling 90 min) For Just $67.00 You Should Click This Button Below. (of course I’ll give you a full refund if you don’t LOVE it!). (any questions email me at

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